Coloring Pages And Other Activities For Kids

Coloring Pages And Other Activities For Kids
Coloring Pages And Other Activities For Kids

We love coloring pages here at Easy Peasy and Fun, and we have hundreds of them to share with you, so grab your crayons or coloring pens. You can find simple coloring pages for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, tweens, teens, and more complicated designs that you will also love to color. You will find everything from animals to learning the alphabet.

Even though all coloring pages are great, there are some that kids love, and you should be sure to print them out.

Coloring Pages of a Unicorn

No other animal is more magical in color than the unicorn. There are no rules about what colors you can use to color these, and both boys and girls love them. With this beautiful set, you can go on a magical coloring adventure.

Unicorns are the most magical and beautiful animals, so we’re sure your kids will love these coloring pages of them. We have them all, from very simple and good designs for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten to designs with more details that older kids will love. So get out your crayons, pencils, markers, or even watercolors and let your kids go on a magical coloring adventure.

The best thing about unicorns is that there are no rules about what colors you can use to color them. You can use pastel colors to make a white unicorn or black and purple to make a midnight unicorn. Make the coolest unicorn you can think of by using your imagination.

Cars Coloring Pages

These are for kids who love cars and trucks. From cartoony ones with eyes to ones that look real, it won’t take long to find one your kids will love. This set has many different designs, so you have a lot to choose from.

We have a great set of car coloring pages for you (and your kids) that range from slow to fast and from simple cartoon to realistic. We’re sure you’ll find more than a few coloring pages that your kids will love. So go ahead and turn on your printer, print them out, and start coloring!

Printable Coloring Pages of Cars

There is something for everyone in this set of car coloring pages. You can print simple designs that might be more fun for younger kids or more realistic ones that might be more fun for older kids. When they are done coloring their favorite designs, they can follow our step-by-step guide on drawing a car and making their own.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

99.99 percent of kids go through a phase where they love dinosaurs, so always having dinosaur coloring pages on hand is a good idea. Dinosaurs are amazing, so it’s easy to see why people of all ages are interested in them. Raise your hand if you have a child who likes dinosaurs.

We’re sure they’ll love this great set of 30 dinosaur coloring pages: many different dinosaurs and designs. Kids in preschool and kindergarten will like the simple ones with big spaces to color, while older kids will like the ones with more details.

Printable coloring pages of dinosaurs

Are you ready to try out these amazing old animals? In our member library, you can look at all 30 different dinosaur coloring pages. Why not give your kids a drawing challenge after they’re done coloring? We have a helpful guide on how to draw a dinosaur.


We have everything from single flowers with a smile to baskets full of flowers in bloom. Even though you can color these all year long, spring is the best time to do it. Make sure you have a lot of pastel colors on hand, as these designs work best with those. Even though flowers look best in the spring, you can color flower coloring pages all year long. One of the best things about coloring them is that you can use as many colors as possible. 

Since kids of all ages love these, we made sure there were a lot of different designs to choose from. There are very simple ones with big, easy-to-color spaces and ones that are more complicated and will be interesting to older kids. We included a wide range of flowers because not everyone likes the same ones. You’ll find tulips, roses, sunflowers, daisies, and more. Everyone can have a flower.

Mermaid Coloring Pages

The mermaid is another magical creature that many people love to color. When it comes to magical coloring creatures, you can use any color. The sky’s the only limit. There are a lot of different designs, so your kids will be able to color these for a long time.


The princess theme is also a very popular one. The thought of a princess and the life of a princess is a lot to like. At least in fairy tales, princesses are generally very cool. There are many beautiful designs to choose from, and we hope your child will love them.

Coloring pages of fairies

The kids and we can’t get enough of magical creatures. Fairies are another very popular type of character. Their wings would look even more magical if they were all the colors of the rainbow. From simple to complicated, you can find the perfect design for your kids (and you).