Enothi Bd~7 Facts That Nobody Told You About e-Nothi System


What is enothi?

Basically, ‘documents’ or ‘e-files’ is an online office management system for processing documents electronically instead of the traditional document management.

e-Nothi (Electronic filing system) is the single online platform for 19,000 government offices and 1,50,000 officials to serve the 160 million people of Bangladesh.

enothi bd service was provided by nothi.gov.bd. e-Nothi is one of the foremost important interventions to facilitate the Digital Bangladesh initiative by ensuring e-administration under e-governance within the government arena.

The ultimate goal of e Nothi Bangladesh is to make sure of the “Paperless Government” by 2021.

How does the enothi system work?

The ‘e-Nothi’ system is a result of this intention, launched to make the government administrative duties more efficient and effortless along with the goal of establishing paperless government offices while diminishing the manual system.

An assessment study has conducted at the end of 2018 on the ‘e-Nothi’ system. Since Launching in 2016, e nothi system has been working very effectively, and the government officials are becoming habituated with the system.

enothi bd

On an average 72% of the total official activities are performed through ‘e-Nothi’. The significant effect has shown in office management which has become more accessible by disposing of the flies very quickly.

The study also found how the system is creating efficiency in the work process of the civil servants, leading to additional time to focus on citizens’ needs.

The use of ‘e-filing’ in Govt. offices in Bangladesh started a few years ago and has a comparatively short history.

This ‘e-filing’ system has been started and implemented since 2016 by Access to Information (a2i).

According to the monthly report of the e-Service team prepared in February 2019, 4564govt.offices are now using the ‘e-filing’ system to manage their files.

Advantages of e-Nothi

The days of government files tied in the red ribbon are coming to an end.

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has launched an e-filing or e-Nothi system aimed at creating eco-friendly offices by providing services to the people and reducing the use of paper by increasing speed, transparency, and efficiency in government offices.

e-Nothi or E-filing will reduce the distance between the government and the people and increase the chances of accountability.

The journey of e-filing or e-document started in Bangladesh on the initiative of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

This will create opportunities for uninterrupted communication between the people and the government.

You no longer have to go through a pile of files. It will also reduce the distance between the government and the people.

It’s like a transparent glasshouse. Where the government, the people will all be. This will increase the efficiency of the government one hundred percent.

E-Nothi or e-filing does not lose any important information as it does not require the paper to store the information.

All important information is stored digitally using the database.

Finally, we can say that the e-filing system or e-document system of the Information and Communication Technology Department of the Government of Bangladesh plays a very important role in creating an environmentally friendly office by reducing the use of paper.

enothi app

e-Nothi has its own mobile application for both android and ios devices.

This android app named eNothi System 2  was developed by a2i (Access to Information ).

e-Nothi’s ios app named eNothi was developed by Tappware Solutions Limited

eNothi’s Android app details

The current version of e-Nothi’s official Android app  is 2.3.17 and Requires Android 4.1 and up. The size of the app was 3.8 Mb and Installs over 50,000+. This app was rated 4.2 out of 5.

e-Nothi’s ios app details

The current version of e-Nothi’s official ios app is 1.0.5 and requires iOS 11.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The size of the app was 15.2 MB and rated 5.0 out of 5

enothi tutorial

e-Nothi has its own training service and the enothi training was provided by http://training.nothi.gov.bd .

Documentation requires username and password from the authority to take training about e nothi.

When the people got the username and password from the authority they need to enothi login visit this page and login by the provided username and password. 

Also enothi have video tutorials and enothi online courses on muktopaath . People can take this course to know about enothi bd.

The vision of enothi Bangladesh

As part of actualizing ‘Vision-2021’, the Government of Bangladesh has emphasized Digital Bangladesh, and so far has made tremendous progress in making more and more services available at the doorsteps of the people with increased digitalization where possible.

By this time, the government of the country has applied a large number of projects relating to digital technologies, and a vast number of these are ongoing.

As the government remains steadfast in its pursuit of simplifying public services through digitization, simultaneously it is focusing on digitizing government offices across the border and building capacity of civil-servants to become more technology savvy.

So we can say that enothi system will play a very important role in the implementation of Vision-2021.