4 Powerful Free Image Optimization Tools for Image Compression 2020

Image optimization is the most important thing for a blogger. Because about 70% website going down for their heavyweight images and it causes SEO.

If you want a super speed blog for increase traffic then you need some image optimization tools. These Image compression tools are the best in 2020.

There are so many image optimization tools for image compression online. Some are free and some are paid.

So that new bloggers or marketers are get confused to use them.

Because they don’t know which are the best and free and also very useful for them. That is why I want to give them my personal opinion.

I personally use them for my blog and got 99% website speed in GT Metrics report.

I suggest you use these image resizer, optimizer or compressor whatever you told.

So, Do you want to speed up your website and rank faster in Google? Then read the article carefully.

1. Optimizilla : Online Image Optimizer

This image optimizer uses two great image optimization and compression technic. That made image minimum size while keeping good quality.

Optimizilla : Online Image Optimizer
Optimizilla : Online Image Optimizer

It uses the best optimization and lossy compression algorithms for compressing the images.

  • Upload up to 20 images-Both JPEG and PNG support.
  • Wait for the compression to finish.
  • Click thumbnails in the queue for quality setting.
  • Use the slider to control the compression level and mouse/gestures to compare images.

Live Result:

Before compression: 1010 KB

After Compression: 226 KB (-78%)

2. TinyJPG- Smart JPEG and PNG compression

TinyJPG reduces your high size images up to 70 with the best quality. When you upload an image it analyzed its content and apply the best possible JPEG encoding. It’s balancing the quality with small file size.

Tiny png
Tiny PNG
  • Upload up to 20 images-Both JPG and PNG support.
  • Wait for the compression to finish.
  • It automatically generates a compressed file.
  • Download it.

Live Result:

Before compression: 1.0 MB

After Compression: 181 KB (-82%)

3. Compressor.io

Compress and also optimize your high size images up to 90% file size reduction with the best quality.


Compressor.io is a great image compressor online tool that reduces image size by maintaining high quality.

It gives two types of compression. That is lossless and lossy. Choose whatever you want.

  • Choose your compression
  • Select file- one image per shot.
  • Then automatically uploaded and compressed your image.
  • You can see the compression level by mouse or courser.
  • 4 file formats supported- JPEG,PNG,GIF,SVG

Live Result:

Before compression: 1.03 MB

After Compression: 205.73 KB (-80%)

4. BeFunky : Photo Editing Tools

BeFunky is not an image compression tool but by using its image editing feature you can get a great result in image size optimization.


It has a lot of editing ability but we just use it for image optimization.

  • Just upload an image
  • On the upper side- click on save
  • Then you can save it in three format- JPG, PNG, PDF
  • You can also control the quality and size with preview.

Isn’t it good? I think it’s the best of all these 4 image optimization online tools. I used it for so long. It’s a great tool I have ever get.

In Befunky you can control everything but on other tools is not give you this amazing feature. So, try it now.

Conclusion For Image Optimization Tools:

That is the 4 Powerful Free Image Optimization Tools for Image Compression 2020. I think you got the right thing that you search for.

Please comment below if you like it and give me some suggestion also.

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