This rules will be updated by authority permission. Check this regularly for not get Banned from this app.

  1. One person can’t upload 10 photos in a day.
  2. Multiple Accounts(more than one) holder will be banned for forever.
  3. Don’t upload any sexual, nudity or violence-related photo.
  4. Use valid email address because it needs to verify your identity before a successful withdraw request.
  5. Don’t upload any copyrighted content.
  6. You can only give a withdraw request when you have more than 100 points.
  7. We give you a maximum of 10 Taka or 0.118$ for 100 Points.
  8. If you want to get money on Bkash you have to earn at least 1000 points =100 Taka. Otherwise, it will be Flexiload for BD Users.
  9. If you want money on Paypal you have to generate at least 5000 points= 5$
  10. Don’t try to spam otherwise you will be Banned for forever.

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