The Human ‘Operating System’

How do we work? What makes us “work”? Where does our perception come from? Where do our beliefs, social structures, fears, ideas, etc. start from? What makes us special?

We can clearly see the importance of “shapes” (O / S) for a computer. Each computer should have O / S. A computer won’t work without one. This fact made Bill Gates, Microsoft’s financial specialist, apparently the richest man in the world.

Plans in a computer environment provide limited step-by-step programming that makes it easier to run other computer programs, called “application programs.” For example, you can run this Word, Excel, or PowerPoint “application program” from within the Microsoft Office suite on perhaps the most famous “framework”, Microsoft Windows – Windows 95, 98, 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows XP. and Windows 7.

These “buildings” live in the ROM, which means you can’t get close enough to the frame. They are in conflict and rarely get along. Whatever it is, what you can control are application projects in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and so on.

Schemas perform basic tasks such as recognizing console input, output to a screen, actually examining key conventions and registers, and checking peripheral tools such as circuits and printers. For bulk recording frames, O / S has great advantages and additional disadvantages. It’s like a traffic cop: he makes sure that different tasks and clients working at the same time don’t interfere with each other. Furthermore, the O / S is also responsible for security, ensuring that unauthorized customers do not access the framework.

I am sure that this “image” in humans contains the qualities of our relatives, as well as their own ancestors from the beginning of life on Earth. Within our images, I agree that we have what I would call a “transient” subliminal memory made up of information gleaned from a second life that began when you think about it.

In any case, during our life on Earth, we collect encounters and data that add to this information and we can note the address in the application program, such as Word or Excel, where we add our reports in this way to add projects and records. . Each group has a series of personality changing encounters and testimonials that seem to be ingrained in us, and there are also things that have little effect on us that can be shown by the growing interest in CDs for much of the month. And then, as a rule, after that they did not play. I’m sure this test is meant to show how we can be human, whether we appear on the scene with traditional traits or not. In this way, it is possible to influence life on Earth, but the whole purchased “picture” cannot be changed!

We can see the complexity of our “drawing” by presenting a series of circles ranging from a small circle to the larger outer circle, similar to an onion cut in half. The small inner circle that speaks of the beginning of life on Earth in the biographies of the “lost link” that humanity established after the evolution of the construction of extraterrestrial life and which appeared with, or in certain projects, acquired real qualities. People also showed humanity. Our ancestors in the outer circle, some 13,000 years ago, were concerned about the age of our family members.